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Metadata management application


The MindHARBOR metadata database application is designed to collect data and its relationships, that can be used to build an application’s structure as well as its user interface.


From a data structures view, the application can define the underlying core categories and their fields. The categories are the entities that define the building blocks for the data structure. Each of these categories contains fields (attributes) that provide descriptive details to the category. The application also goes a step further where each field has its own set of attributes. This can be better explained by the figure below. The figure below shows a category of (People) which contains the fields (Name, Date of Birth, and Email). Also displayed are the attributes that belong to each field such formatting and error message details. All of this information (and more) can be captured in the Metadata DataBASE application.




From a user interface view, the application allows you to create the layout of any Forms or Reports that you want in your application. These Forms and Reports are built by using the Categories and their Fields that you have defined earlier (above). Currently, the application allows you to create a Form or Report and specifying what fields should appear on them. We are currently testing a new "Form Builder" feature which will allow you to drag fields that you have defined within the application onto a canvas where you have full control over the form’s layout.


The Metadata DataBASE Application is a tool that can help clients AND developers better understand the layout of their new and/or existing applications as they build new applications and/or upgrade, conver or migrate their old applications to newer codesets and frameworks…from both the data and user interface perspectives.

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