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Award Winning Custom Business Software Developers since 2000

Business Application Development Experts for Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, and Services-based Organizations 

MindHARBOR is a 24-year-old custom software development and business intelligence services shop with a core focus on serving manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and services-based organizations that operate in industrial (MRO), medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health, insurance, and financial industry verticals.   We engineer and build Enterprise applications from the ground-up, we perform project rescues in taking over stalled or shelved projects, and we convert/upgrade/migrate old proven applications...up to cutting edge technology. 

If you can dream up an application, we can make that dream a software reality.  Our experienced development team has designed and developed highly successful, cost-effective (web and windows based) applications for our clients (ranging from small businesses to large international organizations) ever since we opened our doors in January of 2000; and our approach has always been simple ...We work for you.


We typically work with Microsoft (C#, .NET, MVC, Azure, Angular, etc.) technology stack.  We are most often called in as problem solvers and typically engage in custom development projects ranging from $30k to over $1 million in size and scope.  Our goal is to help you identify a vision for your overall project requirements and then develop and execute an action plan that brings that vision to life ...on time, on spec, and on budget. 


If you are interested in developing a custom business application, have a web-based business project, or need help with a special project and/or operational challenge ...our highly skilled development team can engineer a secure, scalable and reliable solution that will fit your requirements.  


Our mission is to help our clients save money and/or drive revenue through the effective use of cutting edge technology.

Engineered Solutions & Custom Software Development

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch

Examples of Large Custom Solutions:

  • e-Commerce & 360 degree product management application: Universal Companies

  • Technical support and website content management solution: Citizen Systems America

  • Loyalty Application for a leading credit card company and customer loyalty programs.

  • Custom e-Commerce Application for the 14th largest industrial distributor in the USA.

  • Paystub local language print project; a joint project between ADP and global medical equipment manufacturer ConvaTec USA.

  • Project support/rescue for a leading psychological testing application that was programmed in C# .NET.

  • eMail Marketing Application; similar to Constant  Contact.  

Getting More Out of Existing Systems with Enhancements


Examples of ERP Add-on & Enhancement Projects:

  • Territory Management Application

  • Contract Pricing Application

  • Pick Ticket Application

  • Accounts Receivable Management Application

  • Group Purchasing Association (GPO) Sales and Price Management Application

  • PLM, a Vendor Price List and Contract Management Application

  • Award winning Lead Management Application for the final expense insurance industry

  • Enterprise Clinical Trials Application

  • Commission Manager Application

  • Sales Manager Application

Visit Our Prophet 21 Services Section
for P21 System Specific Examples

(Pretty much everything that we've already
done for P21 users can be retooled
for most other ERP & Legacy platforms)

A Few Examples of Our Work


Supply Chain & Supplier Relationship Management (SRM):  Vendor Cost, Contract, & Pricelist Solutions

Always Built to YOUR specs: these are both very generic (but different) examples of how we can help you manage, schedule, and automate your vendor price updates and contracts, along with sales team/customer price change notifications (into, out of, and with P21 -or- any other ERP system)...we build these per each user's requirements, and then they can be skinned to meet the look and feel of a company's brand and/or design templates.  You can easilybuild them out to include all sorts of supplier relationship AND product information management tools & resources...delivering a powerful custom PIM and supplier relationship management solution.

















Custom: Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Customer Resupply, & Inventory Management Solutions

Always Built to YOUR specs (into, out of, and with P21 -or- any other ERP system): This is a basic example of custom customer resupply/stocking solutions featuring desktop, web, phone, & tablet ordering & way of online forms, barcodes, QR-codes, and/or any other point of use hardware devices (like IoT Dash Buttons).  If you don't take credit cards, it can even become your low cost/high value ecommerce program!!


We engineered and developed a custom accounts receivable system that has powered the AR department of a global division of a Fortune 200 Corporation, for the past 12 years!


Our Project: JIS EXPRESS is an inventory management solution that allows JIS customers to manage their inventory with a wifi-enabled
button installed in their facility. Pushing the button connects directly into Epicor Prophet 21 (or any other) ERP system for ordering. 

Along with the 2019 MDM Digital Innovator Award, this project has won the following prestigious awards:

We recently rewrote and fully upgraded an existing system to track hand hygiene for physicians and staff. The tracking system will use employee badges to monitor when the employees use sinks or hand-sanitizer dispensers before contacting a patient.


This system will track when a doctor or nurse enters a patient’s room and whether or not they clean their hands. The employee badge will then either turn red or green and could also give an audible alert once the health care provider approaches the patient’s bed, indicating if the hands have been cleaned or not. After the visit, the system will track if the physician cleaned their hands before leaving the room. Data on the cleanliness of each doctor, nurse or other employee will be trackable for hospital administration.

We engineered and developed a system to manage leads for the Final Expense Insurance sector, which grew into a pay-per-lead generation application that is now used in many industries.   


The first few phases of this application created revenue in excess of $14mm within it's first three years.  This application won a Printing & Imaging Association of GA award in 2012, and is still consistently rated one of the best lead generation applications in the entire Insurance Industry.

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