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Blue Ridge Global for Epicor Prophet 21 ERP 

Epicor Prophet 21® Wholesale Distribution Software 

Blue Ridge designed smarter software for demand planning, replenishment, and inventory optimization that typically achieves a positive ROI in weeks or months, not years!  Simple, scalable, and powerful supply chain management to break free from spreadsheets or inadequate ERP planning modules and leverages a data-driven, AI-powered supply chain planning engine backed by world-class support.


With a rich history of delivering a 100% success rate, Blue Ridge provides game changing results to customers every day and has done so for more than a decade. Trusted by your peers around the world, Blue Ridge offers a streamlined, easy to use solution, a strategic monthly conaching & review program called LifeLine, and proven results that take the guess work out of selecting the right supply chain management partner.


Reach out today to see how we helped a P21 customer:

  • Reduce Inventory by 24%

  • Increase Fill Rates by 11%+

  • Improve Forecast Accuracy by 41%

  • Increase Inventory Turns by 70%

  • … and… Save $4 Million Dollars in transfer cost reduction.


Learn more at or request a demo at



Please contact us if we can help -or- be a resource in your P21 Adventures!

We appreciate the opportunity to be (or to become) your Partner-in-P21.

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