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Epicor Prophet 21 ERP PIM Solutions

Epicor Prophet 21® Wholesale Distribution Software - Custom Product Information Management Tools for P21 System Users - these are built custom per each user's requirements (& can be built/connected with any ERP system).

We've been involved in ecommerce, integrations, product management development for distributors and manufacturers over the past 24 years.  We've developed all sorts of custom product management projects for numerous P21 system users.  


This project was developed for a client that had limited PIM needs and didn't want to pay ongoing monthly service charges for a SaaS product full of features that they did not need.  Our custom approach met (and exceeded) their needs without incurring ongoing costs (outside of any new development requests) at the same time we can add/scale/evolve the features whenever needed.   


If you have challenges/needs in this area, this project info might offer some ideas on what/how we could deliver a custom solution to meet your unique requirements. 

Product Information Management (PIM) Portal Projects for P21


Customizable PIM Portal w/o recurring/monthly costs. Users have multiple ways to search for items. By Vendor, Supplier, Item Category, and much more. 


Example detail levels of item details:


Ability to add associated documents, pictures, cross references, labels, and other item specific information
(Ai tools could easily be added into this mix):


Add/Manage Product Pictures/Media:


Related items and references:

If the item is an assembly item, then the breakdown of the item can be shown with specifics:

Another version of the item details screen where a user can see all the vendor level dateand/or search for items by vendor, category, sector, etc.:

This is an EXAMPLE custom solution intended to be used to help spark ideas, suggestions for gathering project requirements for your specific business needs.  If you have challenges in your Product Information Management processes, please contact us to discuss a solution.  

We appreciate the opportunity to be your Partner-in-P21!   
Please let us know if we can help with this type of solution and/or any other customer needs or challenges.

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