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Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Business Rules Developers

Epicor Prophet 21® - C# Visual & SQL Business Rules and DynaChange Services

We've developed several hundred custom business rules for Prophet 21 system users since 2007.  As a Microsoft development shop, our engineering team is highly trained and experienced in C# .NET & SQL development services. Our P21® experts can help with custom Dynachange® screen changes and our developers can create business rules whenever needed.  We work by the hour or project, and can also help with Portal design and custom work of all types for your Prophet 21® system.

Here are a few visual examples:

Ability to change the order of an assembly:


UPS & FedEx: Address validation: on OE, Ship to maintenance, and any address maintenance.  This will show users if the address in P21 is accurate according to UPS/FedEx and the address type.  We can easily add the ability to write back the correct address to P21 if it needs corrected.  This tool prevents users from being penalized for incorrect addresses.


UPS & FedEx Inbound and Outbound freight weight rate calculation: Sends the weights and required information to the UPS/FedEx API for an estimate of shipping according to the ship from ship to and items, qty, and weights on the order.  This also breaks down the shipment by location if more than one location is used in the order.


Sample Epicor Prophet 21 Business Rules List


(For help with business rules, customers must have purchased the business rule license).  These projects (usually written in c#) are typically limited engagements starting at a few shop hours of time designed to help with specific tasks, and/or business processes but can go all the way up to complex multi-trigger and/or external/shared solutions.   


  • Migration of Business Rules to P21 Web Version.

  • Acknowledge Date rule.

  • Add Custom Serial Number to Label.

  • Add item Id change to item history, which will then allow for part number change to show in Sales History for part.

  • Alert manager when total GM% under or above threshold.

  • Alert quantity break exists for item and customer.

  • Alert to send email after Purchase Order.

  • Allow user to write item description and extended description from order entry to the item maintenance record. This requirement is for company SAR orders, product group 84 items.

  • Assembly Decoder Qty Business Rule.

  • Auto Sourcing Sales Order Backorders Business Rule.

  • Auto Update Expected Date & Ship Date when PO is Created.

  • Automate standard cost updates for multiple locations.

  • Backorder Purchase Order validation rules.

  • Business Rule for Zip Code & Freight.

  • Business rule if Product Group ID is changed on location detail tab.

  • Business Rule on Auto-ship Screen, to print invoice.

  • Business rule to identify orders with specific items.

  • Calculate net cost using lowest cost.

  • Calculate promise date using a safety factor and business days.

  • Canada Tax Business Rule.

  • Control Price Overrides in Order Entry:  Block price override or Override permission by user, product group and min/max margin.

  • Convert/translate legacy SQL files to usable code for business rule.

  • Create Item on the Fly Rule.

  • Credit Card Processing Fee Business Rule.

  • Custom Item Sales History using lowest cost.

  • Direct-Ship destination business rules.

  • Email Management Pick Ticket value over $15,000 and/or special item rules.

  • Freight Charge Business rule.

  • Force the usage of approval limits to Prophet 21 modules: Inventory Adjustment and Physical Count

  • Inventory & Cycle Count Adjustment Approvals.

  • Item Maintenance: update all locations’ costs upon a single change.

  • Lot Control Auto Allocate Oldest Serial Number onto Order.

  • Match Sales Location to Default Branch ID.

  • Material quality control report form and document link.  Development of a Windows form that is prompted within P21. Form data is fed into P21, displayed, and extracted for reporting needs. Also includes a document link solution.

  • On the fly item creation across all locations.

  • Order Entry Line Order Gross Margin Rule

  • Order Entry rule related to territory and Ship to.

  • Order Entry Unit Price Rounding Business Rule.

  • Order Entry: Create button to calculate Total Weight and Line Item Weight.

  • Order Entry: Order Entry Freight Business Rules.

  • Order Entry rule to expedite days and pick days fields.

  • Order entry business rule - Bill To Fields.

  • Order Entry: Show margin in OE with standard cost as the cost basis.

  • Order Entry: Tax Jurisdiction Automation.

  • Order Entry rule to expedite days and pick days fields.

  • Order is created to automatically update the pick and expedite times on the orders scheduled release. This update will come from new user defined field(s) in Customer Maintenance.

  • Pick Ticket Create (trigger) business rule.

  • Pop-up Alert for Item on Backorder when stock is available. 

  • Pop-Up form, triggered by a rule - for extended/custom data management anywhere in P21 (This e.g. in Vendor Supplier Maintenance).

  • Prevent pricing override for any item where a contract or special pricing library is active.

  • Prevent user from saving order if item with mismatch source and ship location.

  • Purchase Order Policy rule.

  • Purchase Order Entry Adjustment Dates Business Rule

  • Rule for Adding Credit Card Processing Fee.

  • Rule for Default Customer Email.

  • Rule for Order notes imported from a website.

  • Rule for PORG for production Order Entry.

  • Click here to check out our PORG Import Tool for Purchase Order Requirement/Generation

  • Rule Reallocating Material on Partial Pickups.

  • Sales location Business rules.

  • Search Rules: Allow user to search item by item id, item desc, extended desc and alternate code
    - Criteria: Limit result to items sold to customer specific shipto or all shiptos & Limit result to items with available stock in sales location.

  • Search Rules: Detail result display sales history data: last sales $, qty sold, unit price, and ship to info. User can select item to bring to OE line.

  • Send email alert newly canceled stock items on Point of sale.

  • Ship-To Business rules.

  • Shipping screen rule to run logic from the old SQL code.

  • Tariff Business Rule.

  • Tax Jurisdiction Business rule.

  • Update showroom inventory quantity from IMI Screen.

  • Update unit price base on user input gm%.

  • Validate address Via UPS API.

  • Vendor Voucher Class Business Rules.

  • Visibility of Cycle Counts on Physical Count Screen.

  • When a Sales Order's value is increased by <x%>.

  • When an order is created to automatically update the pick and expedite times on the orders scheduled release. This update will come from new user defined field(s) in Customer Maintenance.

  • Will Call split pick ticket Business rule for an ecommerce project.

  • WWMS: Prevent user from picking incorrect bin for “Rush” order.

These are EXAMPLEs of custom business rules projects that we have successfully completed and intended to be used to help spark ideas, suggestions for gathering project requirements for your specific business needs.  If you have challenges that custom P21 business rules could solve, please contact us to discuss a project workflow and estimate. 

We appreciate the opportunity to be (or to become) your Partner-in-P21!

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