Prophet 21 Jobs: Career Connections

We get a lot of emails from our friends in the P21 user community each month whom are looking for new roles, opportunities, and/or seeking relocation. We also get contacts from companies that are looking for fulltime talent. 


We'll always do our best to connect talent...if you are looking for a new role, or if you have an opening, please send Mike the details…when we see a fit, we’ll gladly (and confidentially) make the connections (without any fees or strings for either party). We've already helped make MANY of these win/win connections over the past 10 years.


Oct 2019 > Current Opening:

A multi location/state P21 system user (headquartered in the New Orleans area) is looking for a fulltime system administrator. They are searching for a P21 expert that can assist in implementation, rule writing, report writing, and work with management to achieve system oriented goals. 


Please drop Mike an email with your job openings/requirements information -and/or- to share your career request(s)

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