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Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Portal Developers

Epicor Prophet 21® Wholesale Distribution Software - Portal Designer Services

Epicor Prophet 21®Portal designer® - If you've purchased the P21 Portal Designer product, we can likely assist you with your Prophet 21® Portal Designer® projects. Our portal design expert has experience in developing and implementing over 100 custom portals designed to support the needs of the daily Prophet/P21 user to quick summaries for senior management.

Here are a few popular portal requests that could be an immediate value to your business:

· Unconfirmed Pick Tickets
· Open Purchase Orders (with more detail)
· Customer Part Number Cross Reference
· A/R and A/P Aged Trail Balance
· Total Branch Sales Summary (including multi-branches environments)

If you are like most companies, you need to:

• Get to your data quickly.
• View your information specific to your business needs. 
• Provide meaningful, easy to review inquiries to your users with minimal prompting.
• Control and limit the data made available to your users.
• Provide information at a summary level with the ability to expand the data to see greater detail.
• Quickly view the important KPIs used to manage your business.

If you are like most companies, your system users want to:

• Quickly open inquiry or transaction screens based on the data they are viewing.
• Sort information on the screen to quickly get to the most important results.
• Save data into spreadsheets.
• Have help and operating procedures at the click of the mouse.

These and much more can be achieved using Epicor’s Prophet 21 DynaChange Portals®.  DynaChange Portals is a powerful add-on to the Prophet 21® software package used to present your business data in the way you want to see it. More accessible information means greater efficiencies, fewer errors, better customer services, and quicker visibility for managing the business at all levels.


To give you some ideas, here's a list of some previous developed portals.
These have varying levels of complexity and implementation requirements.


  • A/P ATB – Accounts Payable – Age Trail Balance as an inquiry screen, flagging top priority suppliers.

  • A/R ATB – Accounts Receivable – Age Trail Balance as an inquiry screen, flagging top priority customers.

  • Invoicing Review – Summary of all invoicing for a specified date for quick and easy review.


  • Sales Dashboard – A sales dashboard for managing your business.

  • Customer Part Numbers – At a glance cross reference of all customers part numbers to your part numbers.

  • Customer Sales Trends – Summary of customer buying trends over last twelve months.

  • Sales Charts and Comparisons – Monthly and yearly sales comparisons in a side-by-side bar chart presentation.

Inventory Management:

  • Inventory Position – Summary of inventory position with recent customer usage trends.


  • PO Summary by Buyer – Summary of purchase orders launched by buyers to suppliers detailing items, quantities, and expense.

  • Suppliers by Product Groups – Search by product group suppliers in your system that sell the items with a specified product group. 

  • Supplier Items and Inventory - Review items previously purchased from a supplier, current inventory position, and recent usage.


  • PO Receipts – Summary of inbound purchase orders.

  • PO to SO Summary – Cross reference inbound purchase orders with sales orders and required dates.

  • Unconfirmed Pick Tickets – Summary view of open pick tickets. 

  • Transfers To/From – Summary of open inbound and out bound transfers.

  • Production Orders Summary – Summary of open production orders.


Recent Portal Example: Order Approval Portal

This application allows sales reps and management to review and approve orders in P21 from a simple web portal. This will flag each order by the order amount and place them into approval buckets. Approved by dollar amount 5k,10k,15k,20k, etc. This solution tracks who approves it and when.












Please contact us if we can help -or- be a resource in your P21 Portal Designer Adventures!


We appreciate the opportunity to be (or to become) your Partner-in-P21!

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