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Client References

Kind words from a few of the many clients that we have been honored to serve since opening our doors in January of 2000

Many of our projects (which are often covered under non-disclosure agreements) have been in developing, fixing, and/or extending mission critical business applications for large corporations.  We can't name several of the key companies we've worked with, nor discuss the work we've done ..but we have listed some references (below) from a few of our highly appreciated clients that took the time to share their experience with us. Please contact us for specific project examples, business references, and/or further information.

The MindHARBOR Team has consistently delivered extraordinary results that far exceeded expectations often under some of the most demanding and strategically difficult situations.  Mike/Craig and their team have been able to inject clarity and technical expertise into a project in a manner that ensures outstanding results and exceptional value.  I highly recommend the MindHARBOR Team for any web or application development project. Cliff N., Chief Information Officer, United Distribution Group

I had the pleasure of hiring Craig/Mike and the MindHARBOR Team as consultants for a solution in concert with our payroll provider (ADP). Craig managed his team very effectively providing and on time on budget solution for our company. I enjoyed a high-level of transparency and we are currently working with MindHARBOR on another project, and are confident that we will achieve the same results as the previous projects. Domenick G., Global Payroll Director, Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG)
Our experience with MindHARBOR has exceeded our expectations in every way. With our ongoing engagement with MindHARBOR they continue to provide innovative solutions that consistently add value to our company’s ERP system. That saves us both time and money. Their system enhancements are top-notch, their people are talented and enjoyable to work with, and they used cutting-edge technology to help us streamline our business. During any development, the MindHARBOR team keeps in close communication. They constantly report progress updates and complete work on-time and on-budget.
MindHARBOR’s talent is worth the investment. We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for custom ERP system enhancements..
Ben R., E-commerce and Digital Strategy Manager, RG Group
I have known Mike and Craig for 10 years and worked with them at Microtek Medical. MindHARBOR, handled many of our IT processes.  They had tremendous insight into the changing medical device market place and how sales automation was going to affect the way Microtek did business with our employees and customers. Their input and knowledge were invaluable and their ability to manage complex problems while delivering very user friendly applications was a key to our company's success.
Jay N., National Account Manager, Microtek-Ecolab Medical
MindHARBOR has gone well beyond simple website development for Universal Companies by developing powerful web-based applications which interface directly into our core business applications. We quickly passed the phase where standalone applications worked for Universal.  We needed secure applications which would allow our customers to interact with us by providing real-time access to our information. Craig and the MindHARBOR Team were able to work with multiple platforms, successfully implementing cutting edge systems which allow our business to grow. Additionally, MindHARBOR has developed wonderful applications for our internal use.  They have taken the rather cumbersome presentation from our core system and put it into a usable format that enables 360 degree management of our marketing and communication data and processes.  They made provisions for information which did not exist within our core system and have significantly enhanced the flixibility of the entire process. We highly value our 12+ year relationship with MindHARBOR and have truly seen the return on our investment. The way to succeed in business is to have great partners.  MindHARBOR is always there, and ON IT!

Marti M., CEO, Universal Companies, Inc.

I consider Mike Blasdell and eMarketing genius!  I was a co-worker with Mike at Hagemeyer and he was an outstanding player in the industrial distribution internet space, before there was an industrial distribution internet space.  I learned many things from Mike during those years, and I will always consider Mike a business partner.  He's the real deal and I feel honored to be able to continue working with him to this day. Since my move to DXP, I have continued to bring in Mike's expertise and utilize the entire MindHARBOR Team to take us to the next level.  Mike is a great strategist, intellectual, common sense, inventive, entrepreneurial person, and still manages to be one of your best allies in the challenging world of industrial distribution.
Suzie D., SVP/IT Director, DXP Enterprises
MindHARBOR's work has placed their clients at the forefront of the digital media age and resulted in tremendous growth and staying power in their markets.  They are a pleasure to work with. Mike R., National Sales Manager, US Lock
I had the pleasure to work with the MindHARBOR Team in a number of projects related to our web and eCommerce programs.  They are very personable while remaining highly professional when it comes to getting the work done and keeping the information flowing. I would highly recommend MindHARBOR for any web development projects.
Vicky K., Corporate Marketing Director, DXP Enterprises
The MindHARBOR Team guides you through the whole web application development process. They know the latest from technology to buying trends, and give you educated solutions on how to achieve your goals. Great Job!
Robin P., Sr Director Inside Sales, Citizen Systems America
Craig, Mike, and the MindHARBOR Team provided sound advise during my dvelopment of the first web program for the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.  The college was in need of a massive web architecture that could grow with time.  Their depth of knowledge of the industry, and good humor, provided an excellent sounding board.

Cindy P., Administrator, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University (GSU)

MindHARBOR Success Story:  On testing a new business intelligence report from a datacube. "Oh my gosh, I just calculated January and it's PERFECT! This is a thing of beauty. Brings tears to my eyes how wonderful it is. The accruals have always been one of the most painful pieces of this job and something dreaded every month.  To see this system working is incredible.
Thank you so much for bringing it to life!Lisa W., Sr Business Analyst, Confidential Global Business Client
Dear MindHARBOR Clients and Prospects,

Michael Blasdell is one of the most knowledgeable marketing and technology people I've ever met.  That refers to both online commerce and offline commerce.  Michael is a highly original thinker and is far in advance of most other people when it comes to technology, the Internet, and eBusiness.

I cannot recommend him and ...the entire MindHARBOR Team highly enough for anyone in need of web or software development, marketing, or technical advice and consultation. He's well grounded in the fundamentals of marketing as well as being a true pioneer in the emerging forces in my field.  I consider myself privileged for having an opportunity to have worked with him.

Sincerest regards,
Jay Conrad Levinson

PS. When it comes to eBusiness, I consider him an eGenius.

Jay Conrad Levinson was a long time friend & mentor for Mike, and one of MindHARBOR's earliest business customers & partners.  We helped manage and grow the Guerrilla Marketing eNewsletter for many years.  Over the course of his career Jay helped design and create such household brands as: The Marlboro Man, Tony the Tiger, Fly the Friendly Skys of United, Be all you can be, and even The Jolly Green Giant.  He was the world famous Author of the best selling marketing series in history "Guerrilla Marketing" plus 58 other best selling business books.  His guerrilla concepts have influenced marketing so much that today his books appear in 37 languages and are required reading in many MBA programs worldwide.  He was not only a genius, he was also a world class wonderful person.

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