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Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Credit Card Process Fees

Epicor Prophet 21® Wholesale Distribution Software - Custom Credit Card Processing Fees for P21 System Users.

Credit Card Processing Fee Business Rule - This custom P21 business rule will fire when a credit card payment type is selected on the Remit Tab in Order Entry.


The charge will be calculated off of a % set in UDF. There will be one field per credit card type for different multipliers. When the rule fires it will calculate the fee based on the multiplier and the total extended cost of the order not including freight. There will be a check box in order entry to exclude an order from being charged the credit card fee.


If you have challenges/needs in this area, this project info might offer some ideas on what/how we could deliver a custom solution to meet your unique requirements. 

This is an EXAMPLE custom solution intended to be used to help spark ideas, suggestions for gathering project requirements for your specific business needs.  If you have challenges in your Credit Card Processing or other P21 business processes, please contact us to discuss a solution.  


Please note: doing credit card surcharges in a fully compliant manner is a very heavy requirement.

We've partnered with the Unified A/R Team as they provide a powerful path for Compliant Credit Card Surcharge and advanced A/R solutions to transform your business. (we highly recommend reviewing their information - click here).

We appreciate the opportunity to be your Partner-in-P21!   
Please let us know if we can help with this type of solution and/or any other customer needs or challenges.

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