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How We Work

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Our work can be complex, but our approach is always simple...we work for you.  Drop us an email or give us a call, and we'll be in touch surprisingly quick.
Quotes/consultations:  We provide free (up to 1Hr.) consultations and quotes for new customers to deliver estimates for business solutions. Larger projects will be formally spec'd and quoted under pre-approved and billable discovery time. Projects for our existing customers will be reviewed/estimated in advance, consulting time spent in the process will be included in project invoices.
Custom services:  Our work is custom and very specific to each client. We do our best to provide upfront estimates for budgeting purposes. We bill clients by the hour for our actual time spent on their project,  We will keep constant communication over the course of an engagement, and always strive to keep our projects ...on time, on spec, and on budget for you.
Billings:  We track all time spent by our team and invoice bi-weekly for time spent for a prior two week work period. Time is billed in 15 minute  increments, with a 1Hr. minimum (unless clients are on a monthly services retainer agreement). Larger project invoices are triggered by agreed upon milestones provided by a formal quote/statement of work. 
Payment terms:  Invoices are due on receipt. Payment methods are by: check, ACH payment or credit card (with 2% transaction fee added for CC payments).  Any additional expenses are agreed upon prior to purchase and are billed to you at our cost, plus 20%.
Remote services:  We've built a low-cost business model around providing significant value and cost savings for our clients. We do not engage in outside sales, and all of our work is performed remotely by our highly experienced onshore, USA based team.  This means that we are almost always in the saddle and available for you while keeping your project times/costs/expenses to a minimum. 
Extras: Our project estimates typically do not include time spent for excessive meetings, travel and/or expenses. If unexpected situations, costs or changes in scope arise, we will discuss these with you and any added tcosts will be passed along via invoice (with a 20% surcharge).
Support/training:  From time to time we are asked to help out with other aspects of a project (outside of initial scope). We will gladly help out, but please understand that added time spent by our engineers and staff will be billable.  That time will be noted, logged and passed on via invoice during the course of a project.
Hours: Our normal office hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm (Eastern). To help keep our US based engineering and development team happy, healthy and working with us as long term associates, we rarely engage in projects after hours or on weekends.  If we are needed for a special emergency (as part of an ongoing project) there is a premium (time and half) hourly surcharge for after-hour, weekend and/or holiday time worked.


Our mission is to help our clients save money and/or
drive revenue through the effective use of cutting edge technology.


Please email us today to set up a call to discuss your
project requirements and/or business challenges!

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