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NetSuite ERP System Developers

ORACLE NetSuite® Software - custom development services

Our core focus has been on serving manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and services based organizations that operate in industrial (MRO), medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health, insurance, and financial industry verticals since we opened our doors in 2000.  Our team has worked with hundreds of companies (across the USA, Canada, Europe...and as far away as Australia) that use ERP systems.
We bring you a totally unique mix of technical programming competence, a deep understanding of manufacturing and distribution business processes coupled with a vast amount of experience and understanding of the complex code/framework that the NetSuite ERP system is built on. 


We've built our reputation in being consultants/advisers first, and programmers/developers second. We will always give you our best advice first, and if engaged to execute a project, we will then engineer and deliver an innovative customer-centric solution for your organization, on time, on spec, and on budget.

Our core services include:

System Enhancements, Custom Projects & Challenges

Do you have a business challenge -or- is there a gap in what NetSuite can do and what your business requirements are? 


Need custom fixes, workarounds, or software developed?  

Please contact us to discuss​

Third Party Software Integrations

Having challenges with SuiteCommerce Advanced?  Need help integrating/connecting your NetSuite system with best-in-class third party software?  

  • eCommerce, Amazon, eBay

  • CRM's, SRM's, Shipping, ACH

  • Existing Custom soutions

  • Field Service, Vending

  • Other third party software...


Please contact us to discuss​

Business Rules, 

Workflow & Screen Changes

As a Microsoft development shop, our engineering team is highly trained and skilled in C# .NET, Java Script, and other development services.


Our NetSuite® experts can help with

SuiteFlow Workflows, SuiteScript, and
SuiteBuilder screen changes to create, modify, and/or help with business process challenges when/or where needed. 

Please contact us to discuss​

Business Intelligence
& Custom Reporting 

We help our customers get more out of their data with the SuiteTalk NetSuite API and built in NetSuite Report Builder tools or with these BI platforms via ODBC connector:

  • Data warehouses, Data marts, ETL

  • Crystal Reports

  • SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)

  • SQL Anaysis Services (SSAS)

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Custom reporting, dashboards, portals


Please contact us to discuss​

Data Import & Extraction

Need help:  

  • Moving data into to NetSuite?

  • Moving data out of NetSuite?

  • Bringing in data from new companies?

  • Pushing/pulling data to customers?

  • Pushing/pulling data to vendors?

  • Pushing/pulling data  to other systems?

Please contact us to discuss​

SQL® Projects & Tasks



  • Data from NetSuite to SQL  (via ODBC) 

  • Custom SQL Queries

  • Views, Stored Procedures

  • Data Exports

  • Email Alerts and Triggers

  • SSIS & DTS packages

  • Bring us your Challenge...


Please contact us to discuss​

Automation of
Business Processes

Do you have repetitive data-entry or daily business processes eating up time and/or adding to your operations costs?  


We've been successful in automating many tasks for ERP system users over the past 13 years, saving them A LOT of time & money.




Please contact us to discuss​

Forms & Labels

Having challenges with:


  • Forms & labels?

  • Need modifications to existing?

  • New forms & labels?

  • Foreign language versions?

  • Interested in automating printing your labels, reports, etc per business actions and triggers? 

  • Other challenges?

Please contact us to discuss​


We've been building custom portals and connecting them with and between ERP/legacy systems for leading Manufacturers and Distributors for 20 years.   


Our portal design experts have experience in developing and implementing all types of portals designed to support the needs of system users.  We can couple SuiteTalk with ODBC access to deliver endless solutions.

Please contact us to discuss​

Recent Projects Spotlighted

Check out these videos and click here to learn more about our custom projects.


Supply Chain & Supplier Relationship Management (SRM):  Vendor Cost, Contract, & Pricelist Solutions

You can easily build them out to include all sorts of supplier relationship AND product information management tools & resources ...even, delivering a powerful custom PIM and supplier relationship management solution.

Always built custom to YOUR specs:

Custom: Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Customer Resupply, & Inventory Management Solutions - If you don't take credit cards, these  can even become your low cost/high value ecommerce program -and/or- can be custom built to manage your own inhouse warehouse(s) inventory & purchasing management.


Download our Supplier/Price List & VMI Solutions flyer Here > 



Please contact us if we can help -or- be a resource in your NetSuite Adventures!

We appreciate the opportunity to be (or to become) your Partner-in-NetSuite!

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