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Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Inventory Transfer Creation

Epicor Prophet 21® Wholesale Distribution Software - Automatic Inventory Transfer Creation Tool for P21 System Users


Custom Automatic Inventory Transfer Creation Solution
This advanced project was developed to streamline the inventory transfer process by analyzing current P21 inventory and open sales orders. The software evaluates existing warehouse inventory levels and compares them with the demands from all open sales orders, prioritizing warehouse locations that require stock and identifying the optimal warehouse(s) for sourcing stock.


Key Features
Inventory and Order Analysis:

  • Analyzes current P21 inventory and open sales orders.

  • Prioritizes warehouse locations based on stock needs.

Demand Categorization:

  • Considers demand as regular stock or backorder demand.

  • Utilizes data from the P21 Score Card and custom data tables.

Custom Data Calculations:

  • Includes data points such as protected stock, re-order points, and other metrics.

Final Review and Adjustments:

  • Reviews estimated transfer dates against a custom "exclusion days" table.

  • Skips specified days and adjusts transfer dates if they fall on weekends.

Automated Transfer Requests:

  • Consolidates data into transfer requests.

  • Submits requests seamlessly to the P21 system using the P21 API.

Efficiency: Automates the inventory transfer process, reducing manual effort and errors.
Optimization: Ensures optimal stock levels across warehouse locations.
Customization: Allows for custom exclusion days and advanced date adjustments.


Custom Solutions:
This example custom solution is intended to help spark ideas and gather project requirements for your specific business needs. If you have challenges in your Inventory Management or other P21 business processes, please contact us to discuss a tailored solution.


Contact Us:
We appreciate the opportunity to be your Partner-in-P21! Let us know if we can help with this type of solution or any other customer needs or challenges.

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