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Order Approval Portals for Epicor Prophet 21 ERP

Custom Order Approval Portals for P21 System Users

These custom order approval portals enable Epicor Prophet 21 users to approve/track orders from start through finish:

  • These custom portals enable approved Sales reps and/or management to review and approve orders in p21 from a simple web portal.

  • These custom portals will flag each order by the order amount and place them into approval buckets.

  • Can be approved by dollar amount 5k,10k,15k,20k, etc.

  • These portals can track who approves orders and when.

  • All of our projets are fully customizable to meet your specific business requirements.

  • We are the custom shop, we don't sell products...we do custom projects.  If you can tell us what you need, we will whip it up for you! 

We've done a lot of work in this area over the past 24 years.  If you have challenges in your order approval processes (with Prophet 21 and/or any other ERP system), please check out the below sample screen shot and let us know if we can become part of your solution.


Please contact us if we can help -or- be a resource in customizing your P21 and/or other Business Systems Adventures!

We appreciate the opportunity to be (or to become) your Partner-in-P21 Order Approval Solutions!

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