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PORG Import Tool for Epicor Prophet 21 ERP

Custom Import Tool for (PORG) Purchase Order Requirements /Generation for P21 System Users

Here's our PORG Import Tool (PIT)'s really not importing anything, but our customers are calling it that :-).


Basically we use the copy and paste PORG data from an excel sheet. Our PIT tool then validates the pasted data (if the change the data on the screen it will also validate the changed data). After it validates then they can send the data back to p21.


The one catch to this: If a user wants to change the PO Location ID the need to be on P21 version 19.2.3840 or higher. There is a bug in the older versions that do not allow that field to be changed via BR. (We had to do a ticket with P21 to get that fixed).

All that we do here at MindHARBOR is built custom to each user's specs. We don't have demos or product salespeople.  We do have 24 years of experience and projects to start from.  Usually saving users a lot of money in development costs.   


If you have challenges in PORG processes, please check out these screen shots and let us know if we can help.


Please contact us if we can help -or- be a resource in customizing your P21 and/or other Business Systems Adventures!

We appreciate the opportunity to be (or to become) your Partner-in-P21 PORG!


A Few Examples of Our Custom Development & P21 ERP System Enhancement Projects


Supply Chain & Supplier Relationship Management (SRM):  Vendor Cost, Contract, & Pricelist Solutions

Always built to YOUR specs: these are both very generic (but different) examples of how we can help you manage, schedule, and automate your vendor price updates and contracts, along with sales team/customer price change notifications (into, out of, and with P21 -or- any other ERP system).  We build these per each user's requirements, and then they can be skinned to meet the look and feel of a company's brand and/or design templates. You can easily build them out to include all sorts of supplier relationship AND product information management tools & resources ...even, delivering a powerful custom PIM and supplier relationship management solution.

Custom: Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Customer Resupply, & Inventory Management Solutions

Always Built Custom to YOUR specs: This is a basic example of custom customer resupply/stocking solutions featuring desktop, web, phone, & tablet ordering & way of online forms, barcodes, QR-codes, and/or any other point of use hardware devices (like IoT Dash Buttons).  If you don't take credit cards, it can even become your low cost/high value ecommerce program or can be custom built to manage your own warehouse(s) inventory & purchasing management!!






Our JIS EXPRESS project (for the Jergens Industrial Supply Team) is an inventory management solution that allows JIS customers to manage their inventory with a wifi-enabled button installed in their facility. Pushing the button connects directly into Epicor Prophet 21 (or any other) ERP system for ordering.   Along with the 2019 MDM Digital Innovator Award, this project has won the following prestigious awards:

A Custom Contract and Price Page

Update & Scheduling Management Utility


A Custom Tool for Salesreps to manage & schedule price update notifications to their customers


Other Examples: 

  • Web based and mobile friendly customer, salesrep, and vendor managed inventory resupply portals & inhouse inventory management tools.

  • Multiple award IoT resupply order buttons for vendor managed inventory programs.

  • AutoCrib & Vend Nation system integrations with Epicor Prophet 21® Wholesale Distribution Software.

  • We developed a Windows form that is prompted within P21. Form data is fed into P21, displayed, and extracted for reporting needs. Also includes a document link solution.

  • American Express Vendor Payments: AMEX project was an A/P method for auto-paying vendors.

  • We just completed an A/R project for routing ACH payments directly to customer’s bank account with a stored procedure and email notification.

  • Bulk prices update based on cost, product group, company, location, etc.

  • Order fulfillment tool: Provide forecast to buyers of open orders that don’t have open PO to fulfill Or PO dock date is later than order promise date.

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