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Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Production Component Report

Epicor Prophet 21® Wholesale Distribution Software - Production Component On Time Report for P21 System Users

This project used the same FIFO logic as the PO to Sales Order FIFO script but instead of matching up to sales orders we matched up incoming items on PO’s to Production orders.


This allowed the production department to see when items that could be used on the production order would arrive. They then could compare that date to the date the sales order tied to that production order was due and that allowed them to either adjust the dates or swap components for items that would be available sooner. 

This is an EXAMPLE custom solution intended to be used to help spark ideas, suggestions for gathering project requirements for your specific business needs.  If you have challenges in your Production Component Reporting or other P21 business processes, please contact us to discuss a solution.  

We appreciate the opportunity to be your Partner-in-P21!   
Please let us know if we can help with this type of solution and/or any other customer needs or challenges.

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