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Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Automated Email Notifications

Epicor Prophet 21® Wholesale Distribution Software - Automated Customer Notifications, Email Marketing System Integrations

P21 Automated Email & Text Messaging Notifications


P21 Alerts only go so far.   Along with integrating with CRMs and/or Email marketing systems, we can help with custom communications via email (we can also do text messaging if needed).

From a simple sync between Prophet 21 and Constant Contact (or other emarketing platforms) to keep emails/contacts aligned, along with an added customer contact management portal (to update/add/delete contacts between the two systems) up to full CRM + eCommerce + P21 + other integrated software systems, we've probably been there, done that...and can also probably help you, with your specific needs.


There are also many situations where you can save valuable time by setting up processes to automatically email data out of P21. These emails can go to someone within your organization or to your customers/suppliers.


The emails can contain the data with the body of the email or as an attached report in whatever format you need.


Here's a list of some of ways we have applied this type

of a setup...


External Communications: Customer & Supplier


  • AR Past Due Invoice Notice

  • Order Ready for Pickup Notice

  • Quoted Item Reminder

  • Resend Down-payment invoices

  • Advance ship notice upon order shipment

  • Auto Email Rebate/POS reports to suppliers


Internal Communications: Sales Staff & Management


  • List of open orders/quotes

  • Expiring pricing notice

  • Backorder Item received

  • Staff Scorecard sent to management


Project examples: 

  • We developed a process to email (pdf documents) of open service quotes to the customer contact (listed on each service quote) every week (as long as the quote is older than 5 days and is not closed or converted to an order). This process will also update New UD fields in the service quote header notes with the date and time the email was sent.

  • Automatic Back Order Analysis and Customer Alerts – we developed a custom process that uses the sales order and purchase order dates to figure out which sales orders will be filled first by incoming purchase orders. We then set up a process to send automatic emails to customer notifying them when to expect their Backorder items. We also incorporated this information into the order acknowledgements and P21 sales order alerts. (Note: process/logic is customized per your specific business needs, conditions, etc.)

  • Customer Price Increase Notification Project - this would be kind of an add-on to one of our pricing update projects. Those projects involve a streamlined way to schedule price changes in P21. What we can do in addition to that is use whatever logic is needed to identify what customers would be affected by the price increase. The process then uses SISM to create quotes for the items with price changes for each of those customers. After that we generate a pdf for each of the quotes created and then we email that quote along with a message about the price increase to each customer. 

  • Email Alerts Tokens Project - The following Tokens were added to both the “Purchasing - Purchase Order Entry/Generation” and “Inventory Management - Inventory Receipt (PO/Transfer)” Alert Maintenance Areas

    • Header Section

      • UDF for UPS Tracking #

      • UDF for Fedex Tracking #

      • PO Expected Date

      • Carrier

      • Order # linked to this PO

      • Taker from the Order # linked to this PO

      • Customer from the Order # linked to this PO

      • Ship To from the Order # linked to this PO

      • Customer Contact from the Order # linked to this PO

      • Customer PO Number from the Order # linked to this PO

      • Job Name from the Order # linked to this PO

      • Salesrep from the Order # linked to this PO

    • Line Section

      • Item Extended Description - Pulled from the Order # linked to this PO (not from Item Maintenance)

    • Recipient Section

      • Order Taker's email address

      • Order Contact's email address

Customer testimonial: It was taking a long time to get our customers to approve tool repair quotes. Once our technicians estimated the tool, our repair admin priced out the quote and emailed it to the customer. With a steady stream of new tools being worked every day, it was difficult for us to follow up with customers on the quotes we initially emailed. If the customer didn't respond to our initial quote, we were lucky to send the quote out again within 3 weeks.


..."Now that we've automated the process, our customers are receiving their quotes twice per week and responding faster. We are moving tools through our repair department at a faster rate, and our admins are able to focus on other areas of the tool repair process."

Heather V., from ITA


Here's a sample email template from an automated delivery notification

project for Jergens Industrial Supply:

We appreciate the opportunity to be your Partner-in-P21!   
Please let us know if we can help with this type of solution and/or any other customer needs or challenges.

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