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Epicor Prophet 21 ERP VMI, CMI, Customer Resupply

Epicor Prophet 21® Wholesale Distribution Software - Vendor Managed Inventory & Customer Resupply Solutions

















Custom: Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Customer Managed Inventory (MCI), Resupply & Inventory Management Solutions

These projects are built to YOUR specs and unique business needs.   This demo is a basic example of custom customer resupply/stocking solutions featuring desktop, web, phone, & tablet ordering & way of online forms, barcodes, QR-codes, and/or any other point of use hardware devices (like IoT Dash Buttons).


If you don't take credit cards online, it can even become your low cost/high value ecommerce/customer resupply program (automated directly through P21)!


  • No worries about poor or no internet connections at customer locations, this web API bundle application caches everything, and also uses a memory buffer.


  • In addition, when there is no valid internet response, transaction data is held until later to resend, until data is successfully transmitted.


  • The custom development for this project averages approx. 65hrs-85hrs of shop time; please keep in mind that we build each project to your specs, development time is dependent upon customizations needed to fit your requirements and budget. We often build-out and scale-up in phased development to help balance costs with ROI.


  • Please note that there are no maintenance fees, transactions fees, no additional hardware to purchase, nothing except the initial development time to get it built, tested, and launched.


Our JIS EXPRESS version of this project (built for the Jergens Industrial Supply Team) is an inventory management solution that allows JIS customers to manage their inventory with wifi-enabled IoT buttons installed in their facility. Pushing the button connects directly into Epicor Prophet 21 (or any other) ERP system for ordering...we can now do all of this, and more with virtual buttons and supply forms (without the hardware costs of the buttons).   


Along with the 2019 MDM Digital Innovator Award, this project has won the following prestigious awards and several industry articles:

We appreciate the opportunity to be your Partner-in-P21!   
Please let us know if we can help with this type of solution and/or any other customer needs or challenges.

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